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  • 5 highest-paid part-time jobs in Canada

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    Raj Dev Acharya
    Raj Dev Acharya

    There is no denying that when you move to a new country, you need a job and a lot of money. And, initially, if you don’t have a job or you are a student who wants some pocket money, so we present to you 5 highest-paid part-time jobs that will help you earn good and live a great life in Canada. Scroll down for the details.

    1. Guest service co-ordinator. Here, really good guest and customer service skills are required. From travel and tourism to non-profits, you can work in a lot of verticals in this field. Here, you can earn up to 21 UCD.
    2. Web designer Are you an illustrator or an Abode Photoshop expert? Then this is the job for you. The one who is a pro at this can earn between $20 to $150 per hour. This job has two bonuses also, there the hours are flexible, all you need is a good portfolio.
    3. Cafeteria workerThis part-time job is for students. You can work in the dining areas of your college too as they don’t just pay better than the restaurants but also don’t require much experience.
    4. BartenderIf you are a talented bartender then you can rest assured that you can make an incredible amount of money which means nothing less than 1000 UCD if you work thrice a week.
    5. Circulation clerk Assisting library patrons or creating great experiences for visitors is not just a fun job but you can earn a fortune too. The salary that you get for an hour in this profile is approximately $19.

    No matter you are an experienced skilled worker or a college student, these jobs are perfect for all. And if you feel this is not the job for you, then you are wrong because, in Canada, a pizza delivery boy also has as much respect as a CEO.

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