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  • Important Tips on Money transfer & conversion assistance

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    Raj Dev Acharya
    Raj Dev Acharya

    We all have witnessed long queues, time consuming processes and, yes, an expensive money transfer system in the past. But things have improved for good and now you even get cashback for your first transaction. We end up paying more, thanks to the few players only who enjoyed monopoly but now after huge demand, some new players have also emerged giving competition to the previous ones. As a customer, it’s our turn now to take complete advantage of the same.

    First, let’s assist you to transfer money

    1.CIBC’S Global Money Transfer. We all agree that banks have never offered us the most compelling rates as far as transferring money is concerned. But thanks to CIBC, it has redefined the whole transfer process which is turning out to be a cost-effective measure for customers. You get up to $120 for sending money anywhere across the world. Happy? Aren’t you?

    2.Transferwise. It offers crystal clear service with no hidden charges and is considered one of the effective ways to transfer money. Moreover, your first transaction up to 3000 pounds is free with zero-processing fee. It is safe and an authorized way to send money.

    Now let’s talk about conversion. Exchange rate keeps you informed about how much your Canadian money is worth in another country. There are certain ways to exchange money and it comes with a certain price called Exchange rate.

    1.Exchange at banks. It’s good to have some cash handy before leaving for a new destination. You can get this done from your bank, you may request this online or can use the phone as well. They offer a decent rate and will deliver exchanged currency to the nearest branch.

    2. Exchange Desks. In case you missed exchanging your currency, don’t worry, you have the option of exchanging it at the airport or at the hotel. But yes, they do charge a hefty amount even when they say there are no charges or hidden fees. So, make your choice consciously.

    Be very careful when it comes to transfer or exchange of money and use an authorized provider only. You may get lured by someone offering huge discounts, but believe us it may be a scam. Even if it comes to paying a high fee or other charges, never believe anyone offering any offer too good to be true, because the chances are there would be no offer as such. You may fall prey to such offers and we hope the above information will keep you and your hard-earned money safe. If you need any further assistance, then contact us and we will be happy to help!

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