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  • Important Tips on PRE-ARRIVAL GUIDANCE

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    Raj Dev Acharya
    Raj Dev Acharya

    Immigrating to Canada as a permanent resident is a happy experience for most of the newcomers. Starting from scratch here means looking for good employment opportunities, securing a safe environment for your children or simply the idea of living a better life. Whatever might be your reason, the whole immigration procedure is very demanding as well as stressful, especially when it comes to adapting to a whole new culture. In that case, you need to prepare themselves before landing. It is called pre-arrival guidance where we guide you beforehand to settle successfully in Canada and also help you understand their culture.

    But before you seek these services, you must know the reasons why you should. Following is a list of why you need some pre-arrival guidance before you move to the North American country.

    1. For reliable information. The internet is a vast platform where there is an ample amount of information but it can be overwhelming sometimes too because of different websites telling you different things. In that case, you need someone dependable who has the experience to help you with this.
    • Learn from the experienced. Most people who work for these services are those who have experienced the immigration journey first hand. And that is why they would be able to help you better.
    • Job searching beforehand. Future immigrants often think that their strong resume and educational background will land them a job in no time but the truth is, it is no cakewalk. The job landing process and culture both are different from India and you need guidance to find a job here. If you subscribe to these services then the person helping you will already keep jobs shortlisted for you.
    • To build an online professional network. The best ways to look for a job in Canada is via networking. Many people assume that they can start networking only after coming to Canada, but if you hire one of the pre-arrival services, they will guide you to start networking from India itself. So, by the time you reach here, you already will have a strong network to find a job.
    • Get connected with post-arrival services. As newcomers hardly have friends and family in Canada, they often worry about how to get settled there. In that case, pre-arrival guidance helps which allows you to connect with good post-arrival service agencies.

    While these were the reasons why you need to have pre-arrival guidance, there are several programs also for this which will help you understand the country better. Get connected with us to get pre-arrival guidance now and rest assured that your journey to Canada and your settlement there will be a smooth ride.

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