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  • Know your Canadian employment right before you move to the country

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    Raj Dev Acharya
    Raj Dev Acharya

    Moving to a different country and working there can be a daunting task. While you know all the rules and laws of your land, working in a foreign land might take you a lot of time to figure out how they function and what are your employee rights. Your basic employee rights in Canada would be that nobody can take your work permit away from you, your workplace will be a safe space and that would be ensured by your employer, and, last but not the least, you must be paid for your work no matter what.

    Each territory or province has its own labour or employment standards office that deals with employment and labour laws. They talk to you about things like the services provided by you to your employee, working conditions, rest periods, working hours, fair pay, etc. While most sectors are covered by these, some federal labour or employment laws might be applied in sects like the business run by federal government, a telecom company, some transportation companies, a bank or the federal government.

    Employment contracts

    Some jobs need contracts and while signing the same, make sure that in it, some important things are mentioned like how much remuneration you will get for the work you do, the maximum number of hours per week you will need to give, what would be the conditions of your employment and details of your job are given.

    Losing the job

    If you are asked to leave a job, make sure that you get your termination pay which is, on last day of the work, you will be given your salary and the compensation for the job loss. However, if you are under a contract that is ending or you are being ousted for bad behaviour then you shouldn’t expect them to notify you beforehand.

    Safety and health

    Canadians are great at this part. Be it any office in Canada, all of them have laws to protect their workers from a dangerous situation.

    So, before you start working in Canada, know all your rights and fret not because this is one of the best places to work at.  

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