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  • Landed recently in Canada, Get Important KNOW HOW OF AREA

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    Raj Dev Acharya
    Raj Dev Acharya

    It is not for nothing that Canada is known as one of the most liveable countries in the world. Be it its infrastructure, the standard of living, healthcare provisions or any other thing, everything about this country is just perfect. And, let us tell you, if you have received your PR and are counting your days to move to this beautiful country then you have probably made the best decision of your life.

    But when you move to a different country, there are many aspects that you need to take into consideration before shifting so that as soon as you are here, you have a good idea about the country and every important thing related to it. Let’s decode some of the most important aspects of Canada here.

    1. Local Connectivity. The citizens, as well as, migrants of Canada have access to high-speed, affordable and reliable phone and internet connectivity. As soon as you reach the country, try to get these two to stay in touch with your family and friends across the globe.
    2. Travel. Here, there are different modes of commutation like flights, trains, buses, ferries and whatnot. You can commute via your car or bicycle as well but just in case you don’t have access to any of these, there are cabs available in the country too, but remember that it comes with a hefty price tag.
    3. Shopping. The best destinations for shopping here are Yorkville (Toronto), West Edmonton Mall (Edmonton), Byward Market (Ottawa), The Forks (Winnipeg), Pacific mall (Markham), Old Quebec City (Quebec City) and Yaletown (Vancouver).
    4. Employment opportunities. Canada is full of opportunities, all you need to do is to find them. Here, networking is very important for you to find a job and if you are good at it, you bet there will be no issue for you in finding a great opportunity.
    5. Business opportunities. Toronto is known as the financial capital of Canada where most of the people go for business opportunities. It is a great place for entrepreneurs where people start with a small-time business and end up being bigshots of the city.
    6. Schools. The education system in Canada is just amazing hence the schools are perfect too. Here, teachers know that different students require different attention. 95% of the children of Canada go to public schools where education is free and only 5 per cent go to private schools.
    7. Weather. Canada is a very cold country and that is why it is advised that you carry as many jackets, pullovers, caps, gloves, boots, and thermals as possible. While winters are as cold as -40-degree Celcius, summer touch temperature of 10-15 degree Celcius.
    8. Diversity. Generations of immigrants have witnessed warm welcome by this North American country. Multiculturalism is not just a part of the Canadian ethos but is also central to the national policy.

    These are a few things that you needed to know before you move to Canada. And, we understand that this writeup with all the information might still have left you with some queries, hence reach out to us and we would be happy to help in solving all your issues.

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