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  • Free personal Tax file for new Immigrant for First Year

    Mr Jagdishbhai Sevak

    • I am serving community since 2009 as a full time insurance broker.
    • Over the years of my experience, I provide best services and best rates  for life insurance, Critical Illness insurance, Super visa medical insurance, Visitors to Canada Insurance, Life/Mortgage and disability Insurance

    Company:   Shiv Financial Services

    Address:   240-1585 Albion Road,Etobicoke,M9V 1B6,Ontario



    Mobile:   +1 647 236 7620

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    Details of Discounts Offered:

    • Free personal Tax file for new Immigrant
    • Best Rates available for Supervisa Medical Insurance & Visitor to Canada Medical Insurance

    Services Offered:

    • Personal Tax File
    • Supervisa Medical Insurance -monthly plan available
    • New Immigrants Insurance (for 90 days)
    • Visitors to Canada Insurance
    • Life/Mortgage and disability Insurance
    • Critical Illness Insurance
    • Drug and Dental Plan
    • RRSP
    • New life insurance advisers are recruited

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