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  • Places you must visit in Canada after moving here

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    Raj Dev Acharya
    Raj Dev Acharya

    When you move to a new place or country, you are less busier than what you are going to be in the near future, so you can always plan to take a look at the nearby attractions which won’t just make you familiar with the area but will also let you enjoy your initial days in the country. So, here are 5 places in Canada, you must visit once you have moved to this North American country.

    1. Niagara Falls. Located in Ontario, this place is the perfect destination during summer. It is built along the beautiful waterfalls of the same name. Not just a scenic beauty, this place is home to some amazing casinos also.

    2. Whistler. It is situated in British Columbia and is popular for its huge ski resorts. It is a beautiful winter holiday destination where you can indulge in sports like tobogganing, snowshoeing, skiing and whatnot.

    3. Quebec City. Known as the oldest walled city, this is one of the most romantic places in Canada. It’s picture-perfect beauty and French culture will steal your heart. Here you can visit historic places like The Citadel. You can also relax at the beautiful BattleFields Park.

    4. St. John’s. Situated in Newfoundland and Labrador, you must have seen this place in a lot of wallpapers. It is popular for its crayon colour and jelly beaned houses. The house is all about positive and refreshing vibes. When you visit here, do go to Cape Spear Lighthouse.

    5. Tofino. If you are a beach bum then this is the place where you exactly need to be. It is in the Vancouver Island area of Canada and is popular for fish tacos.

    Visit these places to enjoy your initial days in Canada the most. These places are beautiful, fun and above all, will give you a glimpse of the Canadian culture.

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