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  • Planning to move to Canada as a PR? These are the best 5 cities you can live in

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    Raj Dev Acharya
    Raj Dev Acharya

    Canada is known for its high-quality life and standard of living. It is based on a variety of factors like cost of living, education, employment, housing, health, and friendly environment. While these things are very much available in every part of Canada, there are these 5 cities which are the best when it comes to these factors. Scroll down to find out which are these 5 Canadian cities.

    1. Toronto, Ontario. This one is touted as the most populous city of the North American country with approximately 3 million population. Toronto’s 50 per cent population is born outside Canada. It has excellent job opportunities and has a very low unemployment rate.
    2. Calgary, Alberta. The biggest city of Alberta, Calgary is the 3rd largest Canadian urban area. It has a population of nearly 1.3 million, most of them being entrepreneurs, miners, mechanics, and engineers.
    3. Vancouver, British Columbia. This one is one of the most popular destinations for Chinese and South Asian immigrants. Here, 50 per cent of the population is not a native English speaker and it is truly a melting pot of cultures in every way possible. Vancouver is also known as a welcoming city.
    4. Montreal, Quebec. Located at the north of the American border, Montreal has the 2nd largest economy in Canada. Here, approximately 2 million people reside. This French-speaking city is home to some of the biggest corporations such as Air Canada, Bell Canada, Canadian Space Agency and more.
    5. Ottawa, Ontario. The capital of the North American country, Ottawa comes under the top 10 cities for senior citizens. It has the most educated population and a very low crime rate. As it is a tech-city, it is also known as North’s Silicon Valley.

    Now that you have a better knowledge of the best cities in Canada, take your pick. Decide where you want to live and start your immigration process now. Contact us in case of any query.

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