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  • Pre-Landing Assistance & Guidance

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    Raj Dev Acharya
    Raj Dev Acharya

    If your family has planned to move to Canada but you are still concerned about the initial problems that one has to face when they move to another country then you should keep these worries at bay because we are here to help you with each and every concern of yours. Here are a number of things that we will help you with.


    Moving to a different country is certainly a big decision and we fully support you in the same. We provide service to help you move to Canada and the process that it takes to reach here. The best part is that our services are for free and for a cause close to our heart and that is to help as many families settle in the best country in the world as we can. And, for that, helping you with small and big details of the immigration process plays a crucial role.


    Documentation plays a crucial role in getting you a green card and we are here to your rescue even in this part also. This process is intricate and while you must take it very seriously, we help you double-check every document of yours that is needed for migration. Right from helping you know what all documents will you need until the last step of submitting them, we are there for you till the end.


    Wondering what all you need to bring along and what to leave behind or how to pay so much for the luggage you are carrying? No worries! Because we have been there, done that and now we are at your service to do the same for you too. It is right that you will have to be picky when it comes to taking your things to Canada, but we can tell you what you would and what you wouldn’t need in order to make things easier for you.


    This is one of the most important sectors where you need help. We guide you in creating a job market report, finding your occupational profile, comparing your qualifications, contacting a regulatory body as well as collecting your documents too. You might find it to be a difficult journey but with us in your company, you can rest assured because we will guide you to get there with no trouble at all.


    The moment you get your green card, questions like how will you get a job, rent a house, get a car and do financial planning starts troubling you. Paying to consultants also not just burns a hole in your pocket but takes your budget for a toss too. But you don’t need a consultant when we are here for you. We not just help you in financial planning but in doing everything systematically too.


    Remember the first time you went on a foreign vacation and had your Rupees converted or the time when you had to transfer money to your mother’s account? Well, while transferring money would happen at a later stage, where we will guide you thoroughly, converting your money into dollars is something that we will help you with, in the initial stage. From where to get it, how many dollars you will get in exchange for your money and questions like that will be answered by us so that nobody tries to take advantage of your situation.


    This is another thing that most people stress about that where would they stay the first night or for the following week or month. From the airport to your first stay, we have got you covered. It is something that we will discuss beforehand. While finding a house in Canada is no big a deal, getting the perfect one in budget is. But you certainly shouldn’t worry as we, at Settler Canada, know how to get the best deal for you.


    The initial stay or short-term stay is easier to find. It can be an Airbnb, a hotel or even a hostel, we will guide you get anything you like in your budget. Speaking of safety, it is quite safe here and managing a few days initially in a small space would be cost-effective too. But no matter big or small, before you are here, we will be ready with a short-term space reserved for you.


    While we all have heard of most of the Canadian city names, what we don’t know is which area is popular for what. Which locality has the best schools, shopping malls, houses or what are the amenities provided by the area where you are planning to live? That is when we will guide you about the same, explain to you the know-how of the area and the advantages of living there.


    Moving to a new place not just means leaving a lot of memories behind but also taking some along with you. For that, you need reliable packers and movers. We have a list of the most reliable movers and packers in India as well as Canada who will help you move your belongings delicately, with much ease and as per your convenience.


    Before you get here, we will help you with your travel and health insurance too. Keeping it ready beforehand is really important, especially your health insurance because health becomes the foremost priority when you are in a new city. So, we will guide you to get insured with the best policy and you are good to go!

    No matter how tough it is going to be, we always have your back and you definitely can rely on us to move to Canada and, above all, we are for FREE!

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