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    Raj Dev Acharya
    Raj Dev Acharya

    Documents are as crucial as your living parts of the body. Yes, you read this right. Forget about living in Canada, without proper documents you may not be allowed to leave the airport. You have to understand this, you are moving to a whole new country which doesn’t know you, so the more particular you are about documents, the more are the chances for you to leave there without any worries.

    We are here to explain to you and give you a brief understanding of the required documents that you need to take along. Scroll down for the details.

    1. Passports and birth certificates of each member of your family
    2. Adoption papers (if applicable)
    3. Marriage, separation or divorce certificates
    4. Children’s immunization records
    5. Children’s school records
    6. Copies of all academic transcripts, degrees, diplomas etc.
    7. Reference letter with former employers’ contacts
    8. Your samples of professional achievements and work
    9. Driver’s licence
    10. Travel health insurance
    11. Medical records
    12. Certificates of authenticity and valuation of your valuables
    13. Record of current foreign investments, properties and income if any
    14. Copy of your financial records

    We hope now you are in a better position to understand and analyze the documents you need before you leave for Canada. If you have all these points in order then, believe us, you will have a smooth landing and stay in Canada. So, start with point 1 today. For any issue related to Canada under the sun, you can reach out to us!

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