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  • The value of networking in Canada

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    Raj Dev Acharya
    Raj Dev Acharya

    No matter if you are working yet or are still looking for a job, if you are in Canada, you must network. It is not just the best way to start your career but to manage it as well. A strong network helps you access job opportunities that usually you don’t get to know about. In Canada, most of the jobs don’t get advertised and it is then that you need to network. While you might have just landed in Canada and not knowing much about the networking culture here, check out some points mentioned below to get started with networking and keeping the game strong.

    1. Current network. You will count your family members, friends, classmates, colleagues and boss also in your current network. Even your doctor, teacher, etc. also count as your current network and it is from here that you get started.
    2. Expanding network. If you are new in the country and don’t know many people then it certainly is a disadvantage for you but you still can build your network by volunteering, doing temporary work, taking up a hobby, going up on social media, etc.
    3. Know how to network. This idea of networking might make you feel nervous but let us tell you that it is no rocket science. There are events especially held for networking where you can meet new people and socialize with them. To make it more effective, prepare a script and adhere to it.
    4. No alcohol consumption. When networking for the first, stay away from alcohol, even if you have to, try to keep the quantity minimum. You should make sure that nothing should go wrong while networking, else people will perceive you differently.

    Remember all these points and you are good to go! Also, let the networking thing happen organically, if you make it look forced, it will do no good to you.

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