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  • These 10 tips by the experts will help you land a job in no time in Canada

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    Raj Dev Acharya
    Raj Dev Acharya

    Finding a job is no cakewalk and you need to understand that. You ought to be different from the crowd if you want the employers to take notice of you and that is when you need some expert opinion. You must be wondering how to nail an interview perfectly and here, we are going to talk just about that. Scroll down to check out 10 tips by the experts that will help you land a job in Canada in no time. Here we go!

    1. Before you apply for a job, do your research. Read about the challenges, successes, mission and history of the company. This will help you know better about the company and also how they work.
    2. Sell yourself. The interviewer won’t know about your accomplishments on their own, you will have to boast a little about them so that they consider your candidature. You need to sell your strengths to get the job.
    3. Ask someone to refer you. Networking is a must in Canada. And if you go by a professional’s reference, you will look like a more credible candidate. Latest surveys suggest that 60 per cent of interviewers prefer referred candidates more.
    4. Ensure that your resume matches the JD. In a hurry to get a job, never apply for a job that doesn’t match your profile. It would neither land you a job nor would the job make you happy. So, hand-pick the job opportunities basis your work profile.
    5. Keep your LinkedIn updated. LinkedIn plays a major role in Canada for people to find a job. A lot of employers go through your entire profile before shortlisting you for a job, hence keeping your profile up-to-date will help you even more.
    6. Ask thoughtful questions. Most of the people fail to impress the interviewer at this part only because they don’t understand the importance of asking thoughtful questions. If the first half of your interview went good, work on this part also and ask sensible questions around the company and your profile.
    7. Talk about your weaknesses also. If you want to and have to stand out then rather than shrugging off your weaknesses, talk about them. Take a moment and think about it but don’t get too negative with your answer.
    8. Keep your focus on the job description. If you want to land this job then don’t speak about your benefits after joining the company, rather talk about how can you benefit the company.
    9. Your pilot speech should be good. The most common question asked in an interview is, “tell us something about yourself”. This can be answered by you in a good 90 seconds speech with crisp details.
    10. Share with them your key takeaways. Just a limp handshake at the end of the interview won’t do. You need to be bold and humble at the same time. Let them know your takeaways from the interview so that the interviewer knows that you listened.

    Keeping these expert pieces of advice in mind will help you find a good job in Canada. Don’t worry if they don’t work instantly. Keep practising and you will get there.

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