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  • Top 10 job interview questions that you might be asked at a Canadian company

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    Raj Dev Acharya
    Raj Dev Acharya

    When you move out of your country to Canada, the first thing that you think about is finding a good house and a good job. While the former part is not difficult, it is the latter that you need to take care of. We have some important questions that most of the interviewers ask during the job interviews and if you know how to answer them, chances are higher that you will get a job soon. Here we go!

    Q1: Tell us something about yourself?

    Q2: Why do you want to work with us? 

    Q3: What all do you know about this company?

    Q4: What do you find the best part and the worst part about this job?

    Q5: What is that one skill of yours that will help us and why it makes you unique?

    Q6: For how long do you plan to stay with us?

    Q7: What, according to you, is the toughest part of a job?

    Q8: How would you describe your personality?

    Q9: Tell us some of your strongest points?

    Q10: Can you deal with pressure and deadlines at work?

    How to answer these questions

    These questions might not seem too tough but the way you answer them makes all the difference. Here are some tips that you need to keep in mind while giving the answers to the interviewer.

    1. While you need to answer briefly, try to avoid saying just ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
    2. It is okay to take a pause before giving an answer. Remember, the answer should be crisp and for that, you need to think before speaking. It is okay because it will send a message that you are giving your answers a deep thought and not just blabbering for the job.
    3. Be prepared to be asked anything under the sun. While the aforementioned questions are asked mostly, the questions also depend on the kind of job you are seeking.
    4. If you don’t know about something just say so. Rather than going wrong with the answer, tell them you don’t know about it but don’t do it with too many questions.
    5. Be confident and look your best. These things certainly don’t have an upper hand but they do matter so, for the interview, go well-dressed and look confident.

    If you make a note of these things, you will soon find a job for you in Canada. Also, even if you get rejected a few times, don’t lose hope and believe in yourself. Every interview would be a learning experience.

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