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  • Top five Canadian restaurants you don’t want to miss

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    Raj Dev Acharya
    Raj Dev Acharya

    Alright, who doesn’t love food? But here we get you the list of restaurants where you can actually have finger-licking experience in Canada. From seafood to swine Caesar cocktails, we explored all of them and mentioned below are the top five restaurants for you to try this weekend.

    1. Atelier, Ottawa, Ontario. We all want our food to be prepared by an experienced chef, but here your chef is none other than Chef Mark Lepine, yes, you read it right, named Canadian culinary champion twice opened up this restaurant in 2008. Mark your time table and be ready to relax for three hours to enjoy 12-course menu which has molecular gastronomy as its focal point and is priced at CAD 125.
    2. Shokunin, Calgary, Alberta. If you have a craving for Japanese dishes, then this is your place to dine. Apart from sashimi and chicken skin crisps, Yakitori skewers are considered the best-selling dish at this restaurant and it goes really well with your favorite cocktails too. The restaurant is open till 1 am.
    3. Wolf in the Fog, Tofino, British Columbia. Opened only in mid-2014, this restaurant only took months to reach the top spot and had been named the country’s best new restaurant by a magazine. Famous for seafood, it serves the best albacore tuna core and harissa spiced octopus.
    4. Passero, Winnipeg, Manitoba. This was awarded as Canada’s best new restaurant in 2018. Scott Bagshaw, the owner has worked in Australia before coming back to his hometown and we should thank him for doing so. You can trust him as he has already earned his reputation in Manitoba for the dishes prepared and served at Enoteca and Maque restaurants.
    5. Nightingale, Vancouver, British Columbia. This restaurant offers Italian cuisine and is owned by David Hawksworth. It is more of a casual dining restaurant. Its buttermilk roasted chicken and thin crust pizza are to die for. The restaurant is open till midnight and all through the week.

    Food does relieve your stress and if the food is from any of these five restaurants, then you are surely in good hands. You must try these at this coming weekend and we believe you will, as we said earlier also, who doesn’t love food?

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